How to Continue Learning a New Skill

Don't give up written on a page

I used to believe I would not be able to learn the skill I wanted to learn, that I would stop in the middle of the journey. I'm still not sure I am totally out of the hold of this vicious (and not to mention, unproductive) pattern of thinking, but by now, I have listed up ways to deal with it. Or at least, to quieten it, if annihilating it is outside my capability.

Whenever I find some new skill to be important, hence worth putting on my list of new skills to be learned, I tell myself it won't be a waste of time. As it happens, I'm the sort of person who can't be guilted into anything other than time. Anyhow, this small reminder does magic for getting me started. 

If you are trying anything for the first time, chances are you are going to find it difficult. When it comes to skills, digital skills for instance, you are most likely going to mess up and produce an unsatisfactory result. But you know what, it's alright. It is normal. It happens to everyone. That's the second reminder I give myself. Understanding that it's only natural that one would find a new skill unbelievably alien is something that has given me encouragement at the very least if nothing else.

Patience is the type of virtue that finds it's way literally into every aspect of my life. Talking of learning new skills, I very unabashedly believe I won't be anywhere without having patience. It's probably one of the most important requirements, if not the most. If I get stuck somewhere on my journey towards learning a new skill, I'll try to patient. Well, at least as patient as a student with multiple commitments in multiple areas can be. 

Oftentimes, I would think giving up is the smart choice. And while in some cases that might be true, you have to understand it varies case by case, therefore you should take the time to consider your choice. I usually ask myself why I wanted to learn the skill in the first place and whether it's an absolute necessity for the career I have in mind. Impulsive decisions are very rarely a good thing - and you don't want to be the person who regrets not picking up the skill when they had the time and resources. 

Continuation is not an easy process. There will be times when you find it burdensome or even unreasonable. That's why it is so important to realize early on that no journey is going to be smooth like marble. The more you expect it to be gravel, the less disappointed you are going to be. That being said, I believe it's commendable whenever one is looking forward to learning a new skill. I think the passion that kickstarts the process is commendable in and of itself.