How COVID-19 changed my life

a painting of mine

At first the coronavirus didn't really catch my attention. As a 12 year old who lived on the other side of the world from where it had appeared, I felt terrible about the lives that were being lost and the challenges people were having to live through but I wasn't concerned about my safety. But not too much time passed until the first cases were announced in Prishtina, my city.

Now I was overwhelmed with all the changes that were happening. A late night in March we were notified by the news channel that schools would be closed until a later date.

Just like that everything started changing and the fear grew larger. I kept thinking the worst. What if something happened to my parents, or grandma or my friends.

The shops were closed, nothing was open. Now we were officially on quarantine. Everything seemed like a nightmare I was unable to wake up from.

What made it even worse were the exaggerating and fake news people kept spreading all over social media.

We started online classes on the upcoming days. I can't complain. I was happy I wouldn't be left behind on my classes but it wasn't the same not being able to be with my friends physically.

Over all I had a good time with my family. It was nice to have everyone gathering around the table again with only each other to talk to.

I am lucky me and my loved ones are safe and healthy and I am grateful for all the hardworking first responders that sacrificed so much to help us during this difficult time.

I liked my life before the virus more. But it isn't bad now either.

Kosovo (SCR1244)