How Do Negative Words Impact People?



Words can have a great impact on people. Whether spoken or via text, it can affect us in both good and bad ways. Words can affect us in a way that we may not realize sometimes and it can emotionally scar us too, even if we do not like admitting it.

Believe it or not, even the toughest of people can be hurt by words. They may not show it to you, but it does a lot of hurt to them sometimes, even if they don’t care most times. When we tell something to someone and they react badly, we may think that our words are not a big deal, but they really are. We may think that we were joking or we did not say anything too offensive, but you do not know what's going on in somebody's head. They may be depressed, upset or have low self-esteem, and they may overthink something minor (to you) that you said.

Your intentions may be good and if someone misinterprets it, it is really frustrating. They may lash out on you and call you not-so-nice names and this will make you angry and erratic if you bottle it up inside yourself for too long. If you are angry/upset at someone, please tell a trusted person and if you are saying something to someone, think many times before saying it and try understanding people's intentions.

"Words have power."
- Zainah Efia