How Do You Know?

Faces being compressed and forced to be same the of each other

“Education is a must” they always say. Education is the concept of teaching and learning. In other words: spreading knowledge. We know that education is a must. But what is knowledge? How do we know things? Everything today is being taught in a box. Therefore people don’t know how to think. It is obvious that two plus two is four but how? How did they find out that one is one or two is two?

Knowledge is good to know. But if we don’t let people think about their own knowledge or maybe even oppose them, knowledge would stay the same forever. There won’t be inventions, theories, properties or formulas. In fact, reading feeds our brain, imagination, and soul. It’s correct that you will be wise if you read. But you will only be wise. You won’t be able to create if you only read but don’t write. 

Unfortunately, everyone is getting educated somehow. Information is so easy to reach and with education, no one has the feeling that they need to find their own answers in their own way. Nobody searches, nobody takes risks. If we keep on educating people with only spreading our knowledge but not our thoughts, feelings or assumptions, the repertory of the concept we call “knowledge” will always stay the same.

In schools, when there is an exam that students need to be studying for, teachers, parents, and even students have this thought that it is not important to understand but it is a must to memorize and know. Last year when I was preparing for a critical exam, the teacher gave a fact about the duration of days and nights. When I asked, “How do you know, did you yourself test it?” I knew his answer was going  to be “No” but what he said after “No” inspired me to think about the word education: “I didn’t personally test the durations and you need to know this as it is.”

Why did I have to know it as it is? I was so mad at the system so a day after when I went home, I did a little experiment by myself and tested the duration of night and day. According to my test, the information that was being taught to us was wrong. I immediately explained this situation to my teacher and the response I  had back was awful: “You have an exam coming up and you are now distracting your friends. I have told you not to waste your time with experiments but you wasted your time with that instead of solving more tests.” And he added quietly that he knew the information was wrong and at least, I shouldn’t be making my friends distracted with “wrong” knowledge.

I couldn’t understand. It wasn’t wrong and even it was the thing my friends had to know. We were being taught some untrue facts and everyone in my class was adapting to the system. No one did any experiments on knowledge.

Now the exam passed and I have one incorrect answer. That one question was about the duration of days and nights. Although I was sure that the system was not going to defend me,  I marked my own answer and I am glad that I marked the “right” one. What I am trying to say is, always wonder what the right answer is.

We don't need no thought control.
-Roger Waters
Republic of Türkiye