How Do You Treat Yourself?

How Do You Treat Yourself?

Do that three things to be respected,

-Treat yourself like you deserved

-Treat others gentle

-Give all of your love to people you care

Firstly, you might be hurted by world, by someone or by your parents. But isn't it enough? You are worth everything. This Earth is spinning just for you to live. We are nothing compares to universe. But it is still a miracle that you alive. This sunsets and sunrises meant for you. When you did deserve those beauties, why you allow people to treat you like they wanted? No one can hurt you like they want or they can't define you.

Treat people as gentle as you can be. Because how you treat people is mean how you see life. Be kind all the time, don't let anyone to see your scars. You are there for a certain time. And you won't see them until you want to meet with them, again. So give yourself time. Take. Your. Time.

If you find the people who loves you and cares you, and you love and care them back too, don't allow other people to go into your life. A lot of people equal a lot of trouble. But be sure the people around you is really healthy and beneficial to you. Just ask yourself, is s\he giving me useful ideas or creative time while we are together, or not? If we are just chatting, playing games or gossiping, I can spend my time on profitable things.

But if people around you is good for you, then you don't need anyone else. Give your love and make them feel loved. Not with expensive gifts. With thoughtful behaviours. Take care of them. People just need people. We should love each other. This is not that hard to show. One day, when you get older, you are just going to remember your memories and with people you had them. Life is pretty short to hate, gossip or insulting. 

When you decide to do something just ask yourself: Do you deserve to be treated like that?


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