How does violence affect us ?


Hello, my name is Asia. A small girl in a big world. I live in little Haiti where I witness all the crime that goes on. Living here, it’s scary not being able to walk down the street without seeing some sort of violence. It’s March and during this time the violence increases. From the wild young adults at beach parties, to the shootings in clubs, and fights that go on in the streets. That’s all I’ve been seeing. I wish that one day this will all change. Imagine living in a world with no violence. Yeah I know, seems peaceful right? If only, this thought in my head wasn’t an imagination I’d be much happier. Kids like me can’t even walk to the park and play without being worried about their surroundings of danger. It wasn’t always like this though. In my moms generation (she’s 33 now) things were simple and so peaceful. Kids, were actually kids. They were interested in kid like things. Such as Barbie dolls, Xbox games, Chuck E.cheese, going to the park, holidays, family time, etc. But not anymore. The kids in my generation care more about drinking, smoking, parties, doing drugs, and all these adult like things. Sometimes I think: What happened to this world? How did we become so engrossed by these things?

Even most adults, act as if they weren’t raised right. I believe this causes them to not be able to teach their own kids to do the right thing. The minds of our generation are changing. The good is bad, and the bad is good. I don’t know how that works, but everyone seems to be fine with it, as if it makes sense. Fighting, murdering, and causing destruction is what’s considered to be fun. Well not to me at least. Getting a education, being smart, wanting to stay home and be safe is considered bad, and boring. You're going to get called loser if that’s how you want to live your life. Sad isn’t it? And that’s where bullying comes in. 

Student often get bullied because of the way they carry themselves. Poor is what you are if you don’t come to school every day looking like a super model. Ugly is what you are if you don’t have a coke bottle shaped body. Dull is what you are if you cant stay all night at the age of 15 with friends. I disagree with this. I’m only speaking from my experience in school and how I view my generation, so not everyone can relate to what I am saying. 

I often have low confidence because of my body type. “Skinny” “stick” these are phrases I get called everyday. It’s not that I think being skinny is bad, but others tell me it is. And it makes me question myself and the self love I seem to lack for myself. Of course I won’t go out and shoot up a school because of this, but some students might. So be careful what you say to people because you never know what they are going through. 

In conclusion, we need to do better as a whole. Instead of putting others down, we should bring each other up. Instead of balling up a fist, hold someone’s hand. Instead of picking up a gun, pick up some books. And watch how society, and us as a community change.

United States of America