How to enrich our thinking?


Hi, I'm Juliana and I'm 17 years old. To introduce myself, I want to tell you a little bit about my experience. I've always considered myself an inveterate reader, I love to read, everything from posters in the streets to essays and academic texts. I try to read everything, always innovate in that sense and I can say that I enjoy reading almost all literary genres (my favorite is classic literature), everything is beautiful in my life when it comes to reading.

Writing, on the other hand, was not something I felt comfortable with honestly, I have always been more about expressing myself orally or by other artistic means. I did not feel good even though I had many ideas to express and although I had previously instructed myself a lot, at the time of writing I did not find the cohesion to capture that world of ideas on paper or computer, well this happened especially in written work at school when we were sent to write an essay or article I felt unfortunate. I only limited myself to complete my written work, after that, I did not express a single written idea.

Everything was going normal until I realized that over time I did not remember anything of what I read or experienced in the short term, that began to generate concern, as it was as if I had not read several books; what happened was the following: Of all the books I read in a year, at the end of the year I only remembered a little more than half of them, and they were the ones that had generated something special in me (although I did not remember many of them in their entirety either) I felt frustrated that I did not remember all of them in full and neither those that I had not liked, because many times when I wanted to talk or discuss a book, after months or years of having read it, I could not argue well because I did not remember well the facts, the narrative, what I liked or disliked. 


What did I do?

First of all, I took the task of remembering things of my life, I took a free notebook and every day I started to write down: how I felt, what I ate, what made me happy and not so happy, and other things that happened during the day. With this I noticed a big change, I remembered almost immediately what each day held and another super advantage is that I released all kinds of emotions while writing so it was also something therapeutic. 

Secondly, something that all my life I have wanted to preserve are dreams, so I also started to write them down. I narrated them as soon as I woke up, as I put the notebook next to the bed, I narrate absolutely everything I manage to remember: the facts, elements, people, dialogues and feelings and underneath I write what I think it means and what I can learn from that.

Thirdly, the readings, in this as in the previous ones I took a notebook and made a list of books I had read so far (the ones I remembered), each one accompanied by its author and year and next to them I put a ranking from 1 to 5 and rated them. From then on, every book I read was registered, so I divide each book into two pages, in one I write those phrases or moments I want to remember and the second one I write at the end of the book, it is a synthesis, with time I have been adding more things, it is almost like a review.


Why does it enrich the thought?

To conclude, I want to say that reading for me, like other pleasures, is the most fascinating way to build ourselves as subjects, it gives us wings, freedom, and allows us to travel through space-time to places we did not even think could imagine. Writing is closely linked to reading, since reading keeps it alive, transforms, and assimilates what we consume that others have thought. Writing keeps alive the desire to read, it allows us to taste and share as it helps us to elaborate our ideas and how we bring them out, the arguments. This allows us to see critically what was not within our reach and the opportunity to express it precisely and profoundly, since it makes our thinking sharper and the expression of emotions more accurate. Our thinking is strengthened and enriched.

"Reading feeds the thought, discussion sharpens it, only writing makes it more precise and profound"- Francis Bacon