How I started to love myself

Hand with a heart

I know that myself, something bothers me and that even in myself. But what exactly bothers me, I didn't know for a long time. That's why I'm telling you my story now, how I managed to love and accept myself:


I started to sit down and go through my whole life in my mind. What has strengthened me? And what has weakened me? I wrote this down in a book, where I often collect my feelings and thoughts. On the basis of these notes I could see what I liked, but the points I liked were very important and I put them in the foreground. Through this I started to accept myself better! I also realized that no one can be perfect and that I will always have some weaknesses, but these weaknesses are perhaps also good, because in some situations they strengthen me!


Even with bad experiences or situations you have to accept. But I am sure that there are more positive points about you than negative ones.