How I took action during quarantine

This is the official logo for the youtube channel, Epidemic in 5 minutes.

I would like to start this off by introducing myself. I am a 15 year old student living in Vietnam. Now, I am not Vietnamese. This is where the first obstacle hit me. I was not able to help out in the local community or get into contact with any local officials. Therefore, I considered how I could help others in the community. 

However, thinking about it, I only had the aspiration and hope to help others. I did not know a lot about the current situation and details about the pandemic.

Just like people learn in different ways, whether that is through, reading, watching, or listening - personally, I try to learn difficult topics through youtube because it is more intriguing and interactive. So I went on Youtube, but it was surprising to find that there were not as many videos that were made easy to understand for young people. 

Right at this moment, I have one more thing to say! I am the Global Goals Ambassador of our school, so we work closely with UNICEF. I thought that it would be an amazing idea to demolish the obstacle that had kept me from taking action and inform young people about this issue by incorporating global goals 4 and 10. 

I thought Youtube would be an amazing me to share and inform young people about the current situation. It was a platform where I could upload content for everyone, anyone, to watch for free. After I told some people about my youtube channel, some came up to me and said, “You are going to become famous! You might earn money from this!”.

However, none of that mattered to me. The high number of subscribers and viewers meant nothing to me. What I valued was how many people actually learned at least one thing from my video. 

In my first video, I talked about the basic knowledge of the coronavirus. One fun fact that intrigued me was that at least four types of coronaviruses cause mild infections every year. It surprised me that we had seen coronaviruses commonly, all around us. Even the common cold is a form of the coronavirus! 

Linked below, is the first youtube video of my youtube channel: Epidemic in 5 minutes. Watch the video to strengthen your basic knowledge of the coronavirus. 

The most recent video focused on the impacts of age and gender on the infection rates of the virus. The link is below.

There is nothing called “impossible". If you are determined to do it, then you will always be able to achieve something.

The youtube channel is called ‘Epidemic in 5 minutes’. I upload one video every week and it is based on one main topic for approximately 5 minutes. It is mainly aimed at young people, but this is definitely open for anyone willing to learn more about epidemics, more specifically, coronavirus for now.

I have set the content of the Youtube channel as ‘epidemic’ because I would like to continue this channel even when the coronavirus pandemic starts to slow down.

I am hoping to write informative articles every week, based on the same content of the video I will be posting, weekly.

The message I would like to spread through this post is that there is nothing called “impossible”. I thought it was impossible for me to take action in a foreign country, but if you are determined to do it, then you will always be able to achieve something.

I hope this inspired at least one more young person to take action. 

Do you want to take action against COVID-19 too? Check out this guide to learn how! 

Don't be afraid to start small.
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