How Important really is Education ?

An open book

When I was a kid I always wondered what was the purpose of school and why it exists and why everyone has to go through it in their lives.

My parents told me it was my future but at first, I didn't believe it and I thought was school stupid and just a waste of everyone's time. I would always shout with joy whenever classes were suspended or shortened and I use to cut always during class just because I don't like that class.

But as life goes on, my mind starts to mature, and now I'm starting to learn the real purpose of school. It is your future like what my parents said to me, but also the answer to everything. This year we had an online outreach program with minors who have been in conflict with the law. In one program, one minor said that he is determined to finish school so that he can forget about his past and make his parents proud.

There it made me realize that school is not only for our future but also for our past. It decides our future and decides our past is not our future.