How Instagram made a big hole in my life


Nowadays, we live side by side with technology that is increasingly growing sophisticated. Smartphones and their operating systems are one of an example of the latest technology that we can feel the benefits in our hands. Not only that but many application developers are also competing to spawn the most unique applications by utilizing the growth of people's interest in smartphones.

One of an application that is currently very popular and loved by most people is Instagram. A number of good photos that were captured by your smartphone now do not need to settle too long in the memory card. This photo and video-sharing social networking service do indeed seem so exciting to be explored. Unfortunately, all the excitement and pleasure offered by Instagram made me have to swallow a bitter pill. Whether you realize it or not, sometimes dozens of 'fancy' photos and videos shared by others make you compare the life you have with theirs.

I feel how stressed I am when my mind goes back to 'comparing' mode when opening this app. I feel as if the achievements in my life are not as significant as those who happily show the best moments to everyone. When I don't have a permanent job yet, they are already comfortable living their daily needs with a steady income every month. When I have not yet graduated from college, they've been anywhere. When I still can't afford myself to go on vacation abroad, they have visited many countries.

I feel the pressure. Seeing their best achievements while I am still struggling to reach the peak of my own success, sometimes it made me a little afraid to face my life. Even anxiety haunts me too many times. Sometimes I'm down on my knees and always overshadowed by a fear of what my future will be. It's as if you were forced to make a 'self-recognition' of your success and must to show it through a series of photos or videos. Repeatedly I have to try hard to embrace all my insecurities. I realized that I had to do something before experiencing a more severe mental breakdown. For almost a year I went on Instagram detox by reducing the frequency of the time I spent in the world of Instagram.

I love myself. I care about my mental health and struggle so hard not to get depressed. I realize that at the end of the day, I have to focus on myself without being affected by their things. I try to change my point of view on this issue. I try to make the moment of their success displayed on Instagram as a motivator for my enthusiasm to create my own version of success. Shaking off bad thoughts with positive affirmations as if they were a pill I must drink every day. You never know what kind of illusions that ensnares you until you manipulate them so they are by your side and bring positive things.

If they can, why can't I? Of course, you can!