How To Spot Toxic People In Your Life

A person in a gas mask holds up their hand to the camera.

Toxicity! Unfortunately, it is not only found in your food. Surprisingly, it can also be in people. Toxic people can be very difficult to deal with and very poisoning to your life and relationships. They drain your energy and motivation, they are constantly unhappy for something, their pessimism gets to your head and they can ruin your day everyday - if you allow them.

We all have these people connected to us. Whether we like it or not. Identifying poisonous personalities, or toxic people as I like to call them, is crucial. They can be a friend, a colleague or a family member who constantly spreads negativity.

For the past couple of years, I have been noticing behaviors of different people. My work experience in a multi-environment workplace, as well as my experience visiting different countries, Europe to Asia and the Middle East, and dealing with different cultures, has improved my perception of characters and their backgrounds.

For the sake of your peace of mind, I highly recommend you continue reading and familiarize yourself with “Toxic People” traits, which will not only help you cut them from your daily experience, but will also teach you who you don’t want to be.

They complain constantly

This is one of the pillar characteristics of a toxic person. Their negativity and negative attitude drives them to constantly find something wrong in anything. They start their day complaining about yesterday. They complain about their bosses, their colleagues, their families and their daily lives. If they don’t find anything to complain about, they will start complaining about that, too.

They have extreme levels of jealousy

Jealousy is a devastating trait and it is associated with poisoning people. Keep calm! It only destroys the person who is jealous. They believe if anything good is happening to the world, it should happen to them. They find it difficult to feel happy for others which can lead them to become super envious individuals living in constant misery.

They bad mouth people

Bad mouthing others is an alarming indicator of having a toxic person around. Toxic people are often insecure people. They tend to make themselves feel or seem better than others by talking badly about them rather than taking concrete actions to develop their skills.

They are judgmental

Toxic people feel entitled to judge others, their actions, decisions, and lifestyles. Whether you ask for an advice or not, it doesn’t matter to them, because they will give it anyway. They are always criticizing others and making their own assumptions about others’ lives, yet, most often, they forget to notice the bad in theirs. They feed off of others’ perceived failures. They’ll be busy with putting you down, even worse, they’ll make you feel that whatever you do, you must justify yourself to them and the world.

They are very good at playing the victim

While accountability is a sign of a successful and aware person, frequent blame and the inability to take personal responsibility are signs of a toxic person. Toxic people are unhappy people who hang their failures on people or the situation without any intention to improve.

They are control freaks

Toxic people believe they are always right. They make you feel less, so they can control and manipulate you. They will always tell you what you should and shouldn't do and how to do things, making it too difficult for you to create your own moves. They are control freaks and often want to be at the center of everything.

In conclusion, toxicity is plainly detectable. Yet, there are exceptionally skilled toxic people who may pretend to have a genuine concern for others and disguise their toxicity. These are much more difficult to detect. It takes awareness and discernment to spot them. It’s even harder to recognize these traits in your own behavior.

If you don’t see the above characteristics within yourself, you are not toxic. If you know someone who has one or more of them, you might want to reconsider the relationship before it affects you. Because, it is time to DETOX!

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