How to succeed in failure without really trying

Photo by Benjamin Voros on Unsplash

Some paths you must walk alone. We all know that. We come to this world alone and alone we must go, or something like that. And the love you give, sometimes you might never get it back. And let’s not forget the world is full of injustice and anger and plastic that just won´t go away. I could write for days about the darkness there is out there or the hopeless void I sometimes feel I’m a part of. But in all honesty, who needs that?

Did you notice how easy it is to just sink in it? Do you get what a dark place your life would be if you decide it to be?

When something bad happens in your life, it is easy to just give up. I would even dare to say it is way too easy. Another friendship went wrong and that relationship did not work out, and yes, maybe you are not any closer to finding what you are supposed to do with your life. But let’s not forget, you are still here and that is enough to try.

It´s okay for things to go wrong sometimes.

I keep repeating this to myself no matter what. Every little obstacle is getting you closer to where you are supposed to be, or at the very least, getting you somewhere. The days I feel like a failure are the days I remember to keep trying. Because its okay to feel bad, we all know the world is not getting easier. When facing adversity, it’s just the way it is. Just. Keep. Moving.

Some people might find comfort in the thought that their problems are nothing compared to others and that is okay. But remember this does not mean your problems are not “real” problems (whatever that means) and you should just be stronger and wiser and complain less. Everyone is fighting a battle and who are we to tell someone their problems are not important just because someone’s problems are worse? There will always be storms and it’s up to oneself to adjust the sails.

I know it’s hard, especially in the world we are living that is flooded by social media, where everyone seems to have accomplished everything and you are not even sure how you even have the strength to get up from bed every morning. But keep fighting the good battle. For you. Keep trying to be the best version of you. Because you are worth every sunrise and every sunset.