Human kind

Mountain Range with faint mist

It’s the age of change,
we’re on to the next stage,
Wars are coming and diseases are spreading,
The blunt truth,
Human kind is on decline.

we’ve reached the peak,
and now it’s over,
it’s time to feel the heat,
and pay the price, for the crimes,
human kind has done,
after all we’re only one,
one species in this world,
we’ve passed through all ,
the destructive times,
but enough is enough,
we’ve got to stop!

Stop ruining this world,
it’s all we have.

I have no idea with what notion,
people destroy the ocean,
at least let the poor fish be,
swimming so happily in the sea,
what do you gain,
by poisoning the air?
Yeah. Epic. Acid rain.
Happy now?
Nope. Cut all the trees.
Wait! Freeze.
What about the ice caps?
Won’t they melt?
Who cares we’re all going to die anyways!

Stop ruining this world!
It’s all we have.

So now it’s clear,
what led us here,
the culprit is not nature,
but human nature,
cause human kind ,
is seldom kind,
they think naught of tomorrow,
only today.
It’s our gravest mistake,
but remember we pay the price for a fault we made

Stop ruining this world it's all we have


Sri Lanka