Human rights; a term or a reality?

War caused destruction


About 108 million people have been killed in the wars of the 20th century,

About 79.5 million people have been forced to flee their homes,

About 26 million people are refugees,

People still die due to hunger and starvation in war-affected countries,

Many children are still deprived of education due to the wars in their countries.


Today, we celebrate human rights when sadly, in many countries, human rights are merely a term. Here, I must use my region, the middle east and north Africa (MENA) as an example. In many of the countries of my region:

- Human life is the least that matters. 

-There are no services.

-All people are exposed to is war, violence, and destruction.

-People are deprived of their basic needs.

-People are unsure if they are going to make it for the next day.

-People die of cancers and other sicknesses due to war contamination.

-Youth are jobless.

-Youth are killed for asking for their rights.

-Families strive to make ends meet every day.

-Children are not even allowed to dream.

-Petrol is more expensive than human life.


In many of the countries of my region, peace is only a term and the only heard melodies are those of bombs and destruction. In my region, people are marginalized and are just another number. In my region, people breathe but are they actually living?

While today people worry about the COVID-19 virus and its impact on their lives, people in my region are not really scared of the virus for, even the air they breathe is toxic. Today, we cannot go back in time and reverse all the war caused damage but, we can definitely improve and change our future so that human rights is no longer a term but a reality.