Humanity in times of coronavirus?

Two girls wearing masks

Today more than ever we live in uncertain times: countries closing their borders, empty schools and universities, overwhelmed hospitals, people locked in their homes for weeks and the global economy suffering a major blow.

We have seen how people left supermarkets empty; buying food, masks, and disinfectants compulsively. We have seen acts of racism and discrimination against certain collectives fearing that they may be infected with coronavirus. We have seen politicians fighting and blaming each other, trying to take advantage of the situation instead of fighting for the common good. We have seen how fear has taken hold of people, bringing out their most selfish side.

But, we have also seen how people have offered to buy food for the most vulnerable groups and to take care of the children of those who work; we have seen people supporting each other through their windows, singing and sharing words of encouragement; doctors and nurses giving up their days off and holidays, taking extra turns without barely resting; assistants working really hard to take care of elders without any type of recognition; hotels donating beds to hospitals and opening their doors for the treatment of patients; people organizing to take free masks to hospitals and the youth helping those in needs in their neighborhoods.

You know what? This gives me hope, because above all, above fear and uncertainty, there is solidarity and kindness in people’s hearts.

We will emerge from this crisis, we will, I’m sure about it. I just hope that when all this is over those beautiful feelings that are growing in people’s hearts, those feelings that define the most beautiful features of humanity, stay there to never go, because there is still much to do and more than ever, we must stand together.