A polar bear standing on the last piece of iceberg surrounded by plastic. Demonstrates the effects of global warming.

Humans, most popularly known as the "top of the food chain", they supposedly have the best brains. Using these brains they deforest our jungles, litter everywhere, hunt for endangered animals for a sport, which leads to more cruelty towards other living beings.  But I mean why do we care, we are at the top. 

Us humans, deforest jungles. Why? Urbanization? Medicine? Space? Toilet - paper? Nope. none of them. It's because we believe that we are superior to all beings on this planet, because we are more in number, are more smarter, have more power. Honestly, we don't. Just imagine, standing before you, a jaguar, a killing machine, the most quiet, the ferocious, known for his hunting skills. What will you do? take out your gun and kill him? well let's see, what did you just use to kill him, a gun, that makes you stronger, not as a being, but in the measurement of ego. You are powerful, but with the use of your machinery, not your individual physical power. Doesn't this make the jaguar the top of the food chain? No it doesn't. The ecosystem, is where all the beings on this planet are equal, from ants to killer whales. We all our needed to do our certain tasks, to survive, TO SURVIVE TOGETHER, no one being at the top, no certain being at the bottom. The main problem starts when someone tries to disturb the balance of the ecosystem. Back to the main argument, deforestation occurs because there are so many of us in number, that it has become the need, an unbalance. 

Hunting, it started in the Stone Age, we did it to feed ourselves and our offsprings, it was all fine then. However, the real problem started when our numbers increased, our thinking power increased,  we did it more often, either to feed us, or to show it as a sign of bravery. Over-hunting became a thing, endangered animals started becoming a thing, now there are animals crucial for our wellbeing, for the planets wellbeing. But we are ignoring it, we are acting as it doesn't exist. Rhinos, penguins, tigers, pandas, lions, elephants, jaguars, cheats, hippos, whichever animals come to your mind, are either at the edge of extinction, have been dying a lot lately, or are being killed and grown for human purposes: farming, domestic reasons, cattle etc. 

Plastic and carbon dioxide. Plastic is such a thing that can come in handy sometimes, but it destroys more than in it aids. As you all know, plastic takes about a billion years to decompose because of its composition of carbonates and acids. Even after decomposing, it doesn't help the soil, far from helping, it lowers its fertility rate. Making it almost impossible to grow any form of plantation on it again, leading to more deforestation. Hence plastic = full bad. Cars, factories, burning of fossil fuels, deforestation lead to more concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. We mine, we drive, we throw, we cut, we hunt. What is something we don't do to hurt the environment? At this point, even farming, is hurting the environment, also human health. All the things we knowingly or unknowingly do, collaborate to killing animals, worsening the health of the planet. 

Honestly, I don't know if the next generation could see the face of the Earth, but if we want it to then we will have to bring change, serious change. Starting from population control, and serious law changes. Re-developing of jungles, corals, mangroves, and healthy air quality. It won't happen over-night, we all have to make changes, give up a few luxuries, to save our planet, to save our home, to save the thing that gives us life everyday. Let's decide to give back, and thank the planet for all that's it has given us. Starting NOW.




The Earth is what we have in common.
United States of America