I am Black without apology

empowering african american females

You're beautiful 

put the bleaching cream down, you don't need it 

Stop allowing society to convince you 

that you're too dark 

Stop feeling discouraged everytime 

a guy says ''I like light-skinned girls only" or

''You're pretty for a BLACK GIRL''

You're beautiful 

On a Saturday night you're laying down with your feet kicked up

scrolling through Instagram 

admiring your favorite celebrity wishing you were ''that girl''

Truth be told, you are THAT GIRL

When I tell you are dripping melanin and honey you wouldn't believe it 

because you run to society for validation 

''Am I light enough?''  

''Is my smile good enough?''

''Am I tall enough?'' 

''Do I have nice curves?''

''Am I pretty enough?'' You'd say 

They'd tell you all the right things to make you feel good

about yourself, to put a smile on your face, to make your day less crappy

However, what you didn't know is 

since the very first day you were born 

you were good enough, you do have the brightest smile ever, 

you are pretty enough, you have curves in all the right places

your skin tone is just right,

mocha, toffee, almond...you name it

You are dripping melanin and honey 




United States of America