I am The Girl

Background with three raised women fist as a symbol of unity and solidarity.

To support me give me back my space of freedom.

Don't talk for me and let me do it myself; let me voice my own thoughts, my own visions... my own dreams. I am a girl and you can see me in the face of every girl starving every day for education but not allowed to fulfill it. You can hear me in those little girls' voices as they cry refusing to get married at the age of nine. You can see me in the footsteps of the girls marching to cross borders and seas running away from war and violence.

If you want to help me hand me a pen and a book and let me write my own future and draw my own path.

Then, I think to myself: as I am one of them - a girl who is labeled to shame in a limited world - shall I get a bullet in my head for a pen? Shall I bear with their violence for a book? And shall I die for education? Well, if the sacrifice is needed, we will take it all. But, let me remind you that I am a human just like you and education is my right and not a privilege you dare to think that you gave it to me.

I am a girl regardless of my race, religion or nationality, and all I need from you is to respect my right to decide, to choose, to dream... to exist. I am not your sex machine, enslaved to your money and I am not a commodity to sell to satisfy your egos.

I am a girl with a big heart, full of love, compassion and hope enough to save the world. I am a girl with a creative mind and smart thoughts that would entitle me to lead a country. You can't tell me what I am and am not able to do. I am capable to decide that for myself. I am more than a body, I am a vivid dream and a creative mind.

We are strong enough to channel our strength to change the world and make it a better place for a generation of girls to come. Our rights are our future, thus, do not give up on them no matter what they do to you or tell you. And, keep in mind that you are an independent, a fearless, a strong and a beautiful girl. I want you to wake up everyday believing in yourself, and in your ability to be whatever you want to be. And, remember that everyday is your day to bring the hero, the leader and the fighter out of you. Don't compromise who you are to meet other people's expectations and don't limit your dreams for anybody. And, when your dream, dream like a winner. Don't let society decide for you or tell you what to think about yourself.

I am a girl and if you want to empower me give me back my voice, because when I think, I speak.