I believe I am beautiful, so I am

A graffiti painted women is shown and on her chest the words your body is beautiful are shown.

If you’re like me, you grew up with a low self-esteem, saw traditionally beautiful models all over social media, and perhaps even got bullied for your looks. And even if you were fortunate enough to not have had to experience this, stay here and join me on our journey of self-love! Let’s heal from these past experiences and thinking patterns and start a new lovely chapter!



Why you need to be independent


Let’s take a new step toward confidence and independence. And if I’m talking about independence, I am referring to your self-esteem and mental well-being not depending on someone else telling you that you’re beautiful. You don’t need approval from someone else for something so obvious! You already ARE beautiful, so be a little more confident! That’s it, the truth is as simple as that.



The subjectivity of being beautiful 


Beauty famously lies in the eye of the beholder, so why not be the person who genuinely believes in your beauty? I am deeply aware of the fact that this might not be too easy, especially if you have been told the opposite in the past. But why not heal from this experience by believing in the truth, your beauty? There will always be someone who will not see your true beauty, beauty is subjective, but do you really think it is benefiting you if you believe that you’re ugly? Have you tried telling yourself the opposite and paid attention to how you were feeling with thinking you’re beautiful instead of ugly?



Say it out loud


So how do I believe I’m beautiful if I’m convinced I’m ugly, you may ask. Well, firstly, you simply are not ugly, you ARE beautiful. Try to repeat this loudly or in your head multiple times at least once a day. Tricking your mind into believing you’re beautiful will eventually convince you that you are, as you should. It’s the same procedure as thinking one is ugly. Someone told you or you compared yourself to someone else and eventually told yourself that you’re ugly. Great that this is not an irreversible lie you told yourself. Remember, our goal is independence so you are almost obligated to believe in your beauty.



After telling yourself how beautiful you are, you will eventually start believing it (the truth). So what’s the next step?



Confidence is key!


Just because you feel beautiful does unfortunately not inevitably mean that you are or feel confident, however, that is what I want you to be! You have started to believe in yourself and your beauty, try to show it off now! Yes, you might have certain parts of your body you are feeling insecure about, that’s fine we all do. Nevertheless, you have at least equally as many parts of your body you consider to be beautiful, show these off and show everyone how beautiful you are. And even if you feel uncomfortable showing them off or finding them, fake your confidence then! I wish someone told me earlier how important confidence is and how no one is born with it. Confidence is learned and let me tell you, everyone once started with faking their confidence. Just fake it until you make it, deeply believe in it and wait for the outcome, you will be surprised!



I genuinely hope these tricks of mine were at least somewhat helpful. Please remember, beauty is subjective and if you don’t believe in your beauty, why should someone else? Why should someone else approve of your beauty if you’re convinced that you’re beautiful in the first place? Additionally, please note that this won’t happen overnight, it probably took me two years and I am still not free from insecurities, who is free from all their insecurities though? Yes, no one, it’s perfectly normal. Just put some trust in the process, believe me it will be worth the time and better that imagined.