I cannot stop schooling

Musah Ajara, a girl from Ghana. International Women's Day 2020.

My name is Musah Ajara, I am 15 years old and I come from Gbimsi, in Ghana.

In 2018, my parents told me to stop schooling because they are poor and do not have money. Then I replied to them that, even if they do not have money for my school, I will continue to go to school.  

The  first term examination was approaching and the school requested we pay for the cost of examination fee. All my class mates paid but I could not. My teachers then asked me why I had not paid my examination fee and I told them about my situation.  

I was allowed to take my exams and I placed first in the exams and I was rewarded with money and other items that will improve my learning.

I did not want to stop going to school because I want to be a teacher. I love to teach and I also want to help my parents to take care of my younger siblings. That is why I learn hard!