🌻I have more time for myself now🌻

Girl happy thinking whit books,coffee,headphones and pen.

Hi dear friends, I´m a Peruvian girl and during the pandemic I have realized how important I am and what I love to do. Before the pandemic, I dared to learn a new language. The pandemic was not an impediment to continue with my English classes from home. I have learned new things and thank God I can recommend some little things to do during this crisis in English.

First of all, remember...

You're not alone, my feelings are as important as your feelings🌻

Maybe you miss your family like me, but don´t worry because you can videocall them everyday. Maybe they may not be with you anymore, but the best thing you can do is remember them with all the love in the world.

Also you can... 

🌻Read books: It´s amazing, you´ll let your imagination run wild and it will take you away from the difficult situation we´re experiencing.

🌻Paint mandalas: Their amazing patterns, lines and more, relax your eyes when you paint them.

🌻Paint and draw: This activity can help you capture your ideas and feelings that are difficult to express verbally.  

"The art is primarily a state of mind"🌻

🌻Listen to music: It can help you calm down and channel your emotions.

🌻Post on social media: You can post phrases or tips to help the adolescent community

🌻Post on Voices of Youth: This plataform can help you express and share your opinion with other teenagers to help each other and empower tomorrow´s generation.

I hope that after reading me you´ll be encouraged to share your voice in this community and I also hope that it has helped you endure this crisis in the best possible way.

I send you a rain of blessings and see you in a next blog.

"Don´t forget - you´re important"🌻
Girl happy with flower in the sun.
"Don´t forget shine with a smile"