I want our education system to be different


Why do we always have to write essays on patriotism, perseverance and value of time? 

What is the point of memorizing the sets of dates in history?

What good is there knowing about grasshopper's digestive system? 

These are the questions stuck in my head for a long time. 

I am that type of person who never likes the conventional education system. I can't just break myself out of it, if I could I did.

The purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open one

The purpose of education is to help us find ourselves, find the light inside of us and find the hidden potentials inside of us. It is supposed to make us free souls and give ourselves freedom of thinking. Education is a must to form ourselves. 

Not only that. I think students should be given the chance to choose which subject they want to study after a period of time. Instead of cramming everything which won't really help, they should find their way depending on their passion and dream.

The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows

But our education system isn't made for education, it is made for passing examinations and grading students depending on that. Instead of freeing our souls, it is rather capturing our souls inside the textbooks, examinations, and grading. Sometimes it kills our inner voices and our souls. It doesn’t give us the freedom of thinking. 

Many students who had the power of changing the world, end up being job-seekers because of the stereotypes our society has created. Because of this education system. 

Our education system teaches us to be successful at any cost. It teaches us that success is everything. It makes us forget the real meaning of life. Sometimes it teaches us arrogance, inferiority complex, and selfishness. Sometimes we lose our youth, the most beautiful moments of our lives because of studying. Many of us can't get to enjoy our lives because our parents make us study all day. Many of us are told, "At your age, studying is everything you have got to do." NEVER! We have got much more things to do. We need to relax, we need to find happiness and we need to find ourselves.

The only purpose of education is freedom, the only method is experience

In lockdown, as I was away from school for a long time, I realized what true education is. I have found how life can teach you in a much better way than these stereotypical schools. I have learned to love myself, I have learned how to use social media in a healthy way, and I have found my voice. I have learned how dark experiences can make me truly me.

When I go to school, I forget my real identity. 

In school, I am the girl who is the good student, the good girl, the serious one, and the loner who has almost no friends. I'm the girl who never talks about 'colourful topics' that others talk about. But that doesn’t define me. To me, I am a youngster, full of dreams. I'm a writer, a nerd, an introvert, and a teenage girl. That's who I am. 

I am not opposing education. I know it is a must. But I am strongly opposing our education system. I think not only our country but so many countries in Asia are going through the same thing.

I dream of a different type of education system. An education system that can truly educate us.

The goal of education by Jean Plaget