I won't give up

I won't give up

It is told that bad days are inevitable. 
That's right. It’s impossible to escape bad days. 
But, it’s possible to fight. 
Earlier, when I had to go through bad days, I just gave in and waited for good days. I didn’t know the real importance of dark days. I just thought they came in my life to make me realize the value of good days.

But now I have reached a deeper understanding. Dark days come to make you truly and completely you.

I don’t remember exactly when it started. But it’s not long ago. Maybe it is a day of 2021 when I suddenly took the decision - to fight with my bad days and try to turn them into good.
Now I know that if I fight, maybe the bad days will turn out to be better.
Maybe they will be my opportunities.
Even, they would be the most beautiful moments of my life.
But if I give up, then bad days will turn into worse.
I have to go through bad days anyway, so why not do something special out of them?
2021 was supposed to be a bad year for me, that's what I thought. 
But now it turned out to be a unique and beautiful year, the year when I fulfilled my new year plan : shine, dream, smile.

I am grateful for my pains, because my wings sprouted from my pains. I can fly now. My worst days gave birth to my best gifts - my writing. I discovered my light and power while fighting with darkness.
There was a time in my life when I was afraid of going through the next day.
Now I don’t. Now I know that everyday has a new surprise inside of it. 

All of these happened just because of a small action : Not giving up.
Of course I fell down, got hurt, cried, became depressed. But I didn’t give up. I fought and hoped for good days. 

Remind yourself everyday : "I won't give up. "
The line has incredible power.

Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass