If not me, who? If not now, when?|| Feminism

Womens can do everything, that men can do even more than men can do

I'm a girl, and I'm just 14 but I don't consider that its too young for me to ask for my rights and ask for gender equality. In fact no one is ever too young or old to ask for their rights. It might sound crazy to some of you out there if I say I'm 14 and I'm a feminist. But to me even if a 9 year old comes and says to me I'm a feminist and I want gender equality , I'd take it seriously, cause that's what I've been through. People have made Feminism or Feminist an awkward word, which they feel ashamed to speak and uncomfortable to talk about. But to be honest I guess not more than 10% of people truly understand what it really means. But its not just about people not giving equality to the women, I've also noticed that these days Feminism has become synonym of man-hatred for many of us out there, and poeple feel like the activist and the protestors , all they want is to rule on the men and come into the power. But that's just far from the reality, all we want is equality, to be paid equally for the same work as the men, for being respected and listened to irrespective of our gender.

Sometimes, you don't even know how much you've got in you, and I guess I was one of them. Since I was a kid, I'd always question people, why not me why just the boys? Why can't I do this? Why can he do it and not me? Well guess I got my answer now, though a little too late. My parents never treated me and my sister as girls, even today they're like "don't worry about what the world says, you're not my daughter you're my son, and I'll never let you feel like you are a girl so not equally treated". My parents do far more than anyone else does for their girls, not bothering about what the society says. There are times when people criticize my parents saying they are girls, someday they'll marry and go away, but guess my dad has a strong will and he never gives up on us. But he can't be there always, or let us do all the things that boys do, but I don't blame them at all cause its the society to blame. I remember when I was 11, my grandmother passed away. Now belonging from India, there's a lots of ritauls and cermonies that take place for 13 days after the death of somebody. My grandmother was really close to me, she was my mother, more than my mother actually. I wanted to contribute in the cermonies and rituals, but I wasn't allowed to because of the rigid system that said only BOYS could do these. Well that didn't really stop me from questioning it or giving up the will to perform these rituals, so I questioned my dad " daddy why can't I do this? My cousin's perfoming it, then why not me?" I guess dad didn't really have an answer to it so he tried to calm me down with some excuses like you'll have to cut your hair, you'll have to be like boys. Guess he forgot how stubborn I can be at times, and so he took me to the priest and let me talk to him, definetely the priest didn't have an answer. But at the end of the day I did perform the ritual just because of my grandfather, cause I said to him" didn't you say I was like your son, then let me do it too". But I remember my mom and many other relatives not being happy about my move (my mom is of religious beliefs, which often cause fights between us).

Once a teacher denied to let me in the school band as he said to me " playing instruments is a job of the boys and girls should just perform the dances" I was so mad , that I decided I'd write a letter to the principal and if she doesn't kick out this teacher from the school I'd ask my parents to take serious actions, still to this point I still had no idea about what Feminism is or that I was a feminist. Look if you over look these small issues, then let me tell you these are countless in numbers, everytime you face them you'll have to kneel down before them and there will come a time when you'll be so tired of this community and their stererotypes and discrimination that it will start eating your soul from inside. If you think someone else is supposed to talk for your rights and that someone else will stand up for you, then I think its better to give up . Think about it what if every woman thought someone else is supposed to do this, would we have the idea of Feminism now? No! this is because someone, some strong lady stood up and raised her voice and asked for equality

Everytime you think someone else is going to stand up for you, ask this question to yourself, IF NOT ME, WHO? IF NOT NOW, WHEN? We all know Harry Potter, Hermione is our a favourite to many out there. But what few people know is that Emma Watson, who potrayed Hermione Granger, is the Goodwill Ambassador for Women, and she proudly declares herself a FEMINIST. She started a campaign cald #HeForShe. And she said, that she too asks herself this question everyday, If not me, who? If not now, when? Which really inspires me. All the Females out there, no matter what age, listen if you dont stand for your rights today, if you dont speak up now, then you won't be able to raise your voice tomorrow. This is just my way of telling the people out there, including males that what seems so small today will be so huge tomorrow that you will never be able to get to its roots. Men out there why do you fear equality , you should proudly accept it cause MEN OF QUALITY DO NOT FEAR EQUALITY.

That's my message, those who really stand with me will get what I mean, and those who dont will never understand any of us.