If Only You Believed in You

can do it
You can do it!

You’re never too small to make a big impact, it's up to you to define the size

You should never silence your voice and hold back words that the world needs to hear

You’re always enough for what life throws at you, it’s time to believe that

There was a time where I stopped writing. I found myself scrolling through my iPad notes and wondering what happened? Did the fire burn out? Then I blamed the events of life, like university for taking away my time. But honestly, if I wanted to…I still could. I thought my voice was small; to be fair I only shared some of what I did with loved ones. In the back of my head I didn’t think my writing was good enough and as my family, they have to say nice things…right?

But there I was, limiting myself by my own self doubt and letting all I had to say float around my head until they became forgotten thoughts. It didn’t help that I’m also from the small but beautiful island of Barbados. I felt like unless I was Rihanna, there would be no real impact. 

One day I decided enough was enough. Whether I made a difference or not, if I could help one person I would be happy. I wanted to inspire 20 somethings, let them know they’re not alone, and the rest is history.

Self doubt is normal, but it can be dangerous by holding you back from all the amazing things you could achieve, the amazing person you could be! What I found interesting was the perspective by Rich Karlgaard which says,

“When properly managed, it [self doubt] can help combat complacency and improve our preparation and performance. It drives us to question results, experiment with new strategies, and be open to alternate ways to solve problems.”

We allow self doubt to fester by holding ourselves to unrealistic, and at times, impossible standards. Why should I allow the size of my home to dictate my reach in this world? Why should I put aside what I inherently love because I'm too scared to try? And why should I compare the greatness of others to mine when I’m my own person.

What’s worse is that we allow other persons in our lives to see the light that shines within, while we try to cover the flame. It all starts with how we talk to ourselves; the doubt may always be there but so is the potential. 

You never know where you can go if you don’t take the first step. The world is scary, but holding yourself back is scarier. Take a bet on all you have to give, have positive engagements within and watch yourself emerge anew.

You’re never too small to make a big impact but you are the only one to define your impact.