If you had the choice , would you be 'Good Enough' ?

A short poem about not being good enough

"You are not good enough" part of my brain says. 

"But you are doing your best" The other half answers. 

This is a normal war that happens often inside my brain. I have this voice inside of me that keep saying I am not good enough at anything I am doing. While the other half assures me that I am doing my best and all I need is to not give up so I can achieve my goals. It’s like good versus evil, but in this case it’s my insecurities versus my ambition. 

The idea of people feeling like they are not good enough lies in the standards we set for each other when it comes to living our own lives. If you are not good at something and you keep making mistakes, then you shouldn't continue doing it. Our hobbies and lifestyle become dependent on what we are good at rather than what we enjoy doing.These standards made us forget that part of being human and learning is actually making mistakes. Mistakes are not the definition of what you can and can’t do, mistakes are the experiences you have to go through in order to live your best life. Most importantly, mistakes don't define if you are good enough or not. Nothing is supposed to define your worth because definition eliminates any possible way of change. 

If there comes a time where you feel like you are not good enough, remember that it is okay to feel like this from time to time. Understand your feelings but do remember to let them go. Making a mistake and feeling like you are not good enough doesn’t mean you are not good. These are just thoughts and not all thoughts are facts. You do have a lot of potential within you. Don’t let it all go to waste just because you think you can’t. You got this.