Importance of education

Back of a school bus

As a student who belongs to a developed country, I am constantly surrounded by people with multiple perspectives to situations. However, a major problem that is very visible to me is the ignorance of the value of education among many students.

Generally, when we go to school our first thought is, “This is so boring” or “Can I just go home already?” I think we are so used to just having easy access to things like a good education that we don’t realize what would happen if we didn’t. 

Sometimes we forget how fortunate we are, as we get caught up in the whirlwind of events that occur in our lives. We tend to neglect that there are millions of kids who struggle to even find a school close to home. According to studies by UNESCO in 2017, “264 million kids don’t have access to education (Harper)". Many have to walk miles every day in order to learn and are forced to do household work after they return.

I think it’s important that we truly appreciate the resources that are available to us so we can perform to the best of our ability. Not only will we be able to be more mindful of what we have, but we will also strive to do more for our society. 

United States of America