The Importance of Support from Schools

The window view from my bed.

Growing up, my academic results weren’t so bad. I tend to get average marks on all my tests. When I was in year 9, I achieved the best score in my study, I became one of the students in the top 5 in our class. I worked hard for my study, at that time, I was still aiming for famous colleges in Australia. However, when depression hit me hard in year 10, I lost all my passion. I no longer worked hard nor tried to work hard. My academic results were dropping. I failed my tests, exams, and even did poorly on my academic report. My heart broke. Thinking that I may be retained and fail more of my tests, I got more unmotivated.

The pandemic started. I am sorry to say this, but when the pandemic struck I was so glad that I had time to rest without needing to go to school. When the city became more calm, we started having online lessons on zoom and online assignments. Hearing the news that I needed to face my teachers and classmates again, I panicked. I was not ready for that. The pandemic provided time for me to rest, but I was also too relaxed and surely not ready to go back to school again. I started skipping online classes as well, procrastinating on my assignments, and became more and more shut down.

At that time, my teacher approached me to ask about my situation, I was so glad that I had such a considerable and kind teacher. She helped me a lot, always caring and accepting my excuses and gave me lots of support. With her help, I started getting out of my 'shut down mode' and stopped procrastinating on my work. She told me not to be worried, not to rush, just get back on track slowly and do the best that I can. I was so thankful for her words.

I started facing my studies again and not escaping from them anymore. Although I didn’t get great results at the end of my school year, i still got promoted and passed. I was happy for what I accomplished, I will never forget my dearest class teacher who helped me get through my tough times. It is so important to have support from teachers at school, a caring word from them can change us a lot.