Inclusion is integration

An illustration of Tilda holding a microphone.

Yilda Banchón is a 20 year old Ecuadorian artist who promotes the participation of children and young people. She is a renowned pop singer with over 4.6 million followers on social media, and she has collaborated in several UNICEF Ecuador campaigns aimed at young people. The young artist fosters the inclusion of young people in projects that amplify their voices and empower them as agents of change 

This World Children’s Day, we celebrate Yilda’s efforts to create a world where people feel  integrated "regardless of their social, economic, cultural status, skin color, or country,” with an illustration by Meriam Kajo. Here, Yilda reflects on her experiences with inclusion and her work to contribute to the inclusion of young people. 


For some reason, I have always been interested in making others feel included. At school, when we received exchange students or new students arrived, I always felt comfortable approaching them and starting conversations. I tried to help them out or introduced them to the school activities. In this way, I was able to contribute, at least in a small part, to their personal growth and help them get adjusted to their environment. That has always made me happy. 

My family comes from a rural community, where I learned the core values that guide me through my life and career. That is why I like to use my platform and voice to inspire others. I believe in the power of connecting with people through songs. Music has a healing power – it can make people feel included.  

For me, inclusion is equal to the integration of people, regardless of their social, economic, cultural status, their skin color or country of origin. Inclusion is simply a way of adapting and allowing someone to adjust to a new environment, without discriminating the person due to their way of thinking or understanding things, but rather respecting their ideas, ideologies and the views they have based on their personal experiences. 

For me, inclusion is equal to the integration of people, regardless of their social, economic, cultural status, their skin color or country or origin.

Now, as an artist, I am aware of the impact words and actions have on my community, which consists specifically of children and young people. That is why I decided to use my influence to contribute to UNICEF Ecuador’s youth campaigns. When I was invited to collaborate with them, I felt honored. Through my music I’m able to reach people with my songs and messages, and to support advocacy projects that seek to improve the lives of children and young people.  

I’ve always been inspired to move forward as a collective, so that all the people can thrive with their talents. Since 2020, I have been a part of Generación MÁS. This campaign amplifies the voices of young people, it enhances their skills, and empowers them as agents of change. I have also been able to be a part of the campaign Childhood First, where I got to sing alongside other artists to create awareness of the importance of putting children as a priority in society.  

This opportunity has allowed me to keep growing, helping others, opening new paths and introducing new ideas to children and young people. With UNICEF Ecuador, I would love to keep on reaching people through songs, messages, and projects.