Increase in Mental Health raises concerns

Image of a tree with flowers

Mental health issues have risen more than ever before. With more and more articles writing about suicide and attempted suicide online, it can, of course, have a detrimental impact on our mental wellbeing. I can tell you that it has definitely affected me. So now is the time for people to be kinder to each other. Not talked to a friend for ages? Check up on them. Haven’t heard from a neighbour? Maybe knock on for them. All it takes is offering to chat for someone to feel a little bit better. 

On top of the negative news circulating, it is so depressing, daunting, and very upsetting to hear the amount of people dying from this deadly virus. But, of course, there are other stories I am frequently hearing of in the news. Stress related issues due to loss of employment, bereavement due to loss of a family member/friend, or even dealing with household issues have led to people trying to take their own life. But it is important that we speak up about it.

I know it is extremely hard to stay positive right now. I, myself, overthink everything, however small or big. It may not be looking up right now and it may seem like things will never return to normal with all this talk about a possible second lockdown. I certainly do not want to hear the awful news that everyone needs to stay at home again. Clearly, it would be even more stressing and frustrating to hear that everywhere needs to close down again, even though it just opened up.

However, it is okay to not be okay. It is okay to ask for help. It is okay to need a break. Honestly, the amount of times, I have cried, over small and big things, this past month alone has been shocking, but I know it is fine. A good cry can make anyone feel a lot better, but sometimes it may need more than that.

Even just taking a simple walk or going out for some exercise and fresh air can do the soul and body so much good. Trust me, I’ve learned that the hard way. I used to feel so much more productive, proactive, and less pressured when I actively engaged in health exercises. Playing football with my little brother also did me a world of good, as did petting the neighbour’s cat, because of course, stroking any animal releases dopamine and endorphins. I mean, maybe only some animals, and only if you are not allergic to them.

Anyway, I just wanted to write a piece on this because it is something very important that should be very widely spoken about. #raiseawarenessformentalhealth