India, Hold On With Me, Will You?

A yellow flower growing in the dry riverbed with a backdrop of a stream glittering in the early morning sun
I hear you, I feel you, we're in this together.

India, here's a reminder. 

We'll make it through this. 

If you're looking for a sign, this is it. 

India will breathe again.

And to all those who lost someone, 

Who broke down trying to arrange for life support for someone, 

Who are grieving,

I say this to you

We're in this together

Your grief is valid

Your concern is valid

Whatever you are feeling right now is valid

Take care of yourself

Give yourself time to heal

Give yourself the space to heal.


And to the youth who've taken up the charge

Who've provided hope, and so much more to complete strangers

Who have stretched out a hand of help

Who have started the biggest revolution this country has ever seen,

I say this to you, India will survive this

So hold on, will you?

With every phone call you make to verify leads, 

With every effort, you put in to make sure that someone thousands of miles away

Does not stop breathing

You're ensuring India makes it through this

And it will, you know?


People of my country

We’re grieving today, we’re struggling 

But if there’s anything to be learnt from our history, our legacy

It’s that we survive

We make it through storms and tempests

And we’ll make it through this one too

I swear to you, we will

So hold on with me, will you?

A yellow flower growing in a dry riverbed
India, we're all rooting for you