Inferiority feeling

A man looking depressed

My name is Hamzat Faruq, I am 13 year old hyperealism artist, student of Ayowole Academy Of Art.

The titled: inferiority feeling, I use charcoal pencil on paper to despite a man looking depressed, I was inspired by a little story that happen to me..

Me and my friend were a very good friend to each other, so after some months I see my friend wear big clothes, quality clothes!

After some days I move close to him he told me that his money is not clear, I was like everyone is a sinner, so I also fell like joining him. But some times back, I remember that my mom always told me that education is the best legacy so that was the word that bring me back that if I should face my study I will surely be a better person in the future.

The message this artwork is talking about goes directly to the youths mostly student that there should believe that education is the best legacy.

Thank you

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