Girl by the seaside

In fire you’ll find her, cackling defiantly in the silent night when all succumbs to stillness,

radiating the warmth that you are ever so oblivious to.

And even after the fire dies out, her silent cackling continues, for as she is infinite.


In the oceans you’ll find her, the cascading falls, the streams, the pattering rain,

watering the wizened land, sometimes choosing to swallow cities together.

And even when everything else is evanescent, she remains, for as she is infinite.


In zephyr you’ll find her, her soft caressing and the wild gushing gale,

she can break glass if she desires, and gently she’ll brush past you on other times.

And even if you build ramparts, she breaks through, for as she is infinite.


In mud you’ll find her, mother to all, ferry like Charon if she has to be,

She births, nurtures and kills, you and I we’ll all go back to her.

And even after an eternity, she’ll still remain, for as she is infinite.


In the stars you’ll find her, appearing small yet bigger and brighter than you can fathom,

burning to give you her light, the light you think you can do without.

And even after the sun comes out, her burning continues, for as she is infinite.