Innovate for a better future


Our environment is getting degraded due to industrialization. This is having a severe impact and causing negative waves and thereby affecting us as well as our environment. I am going to discuss about the major threats and negative impacts of our environment due to technology. 

The threats are as follows: 

  1. Depletion of our natural resources causing an ecological imbalance 
  1. Global warming 
  1. Environmental pollution – water, air, land and so on 

There are many living organisms that are becoming endangered and extinct due to the result of technology. The natural habitats of the wildlife is being lost as our human population is increasing. We tend to cut down trees and destroy the forests to make space for human beings to live. Many more activities like extensive farming and deforestation is destroying the environment.  

There is a lot of imbalance in the atmospheric gases. Many harmful gases such as carbon dioxide are emitted into the atmosphere. Activities such as use of various modes of transportation, poor farming and agricultural methods, using coal for power generation release greenhouse gases. The extraction of fossil fuel by burning and clearing of farms releases harmful gases thereby affecting our climate. 

When we mismanage and use technology, it leads to environmental pollution. Due to the advancement in technology, we have seen the production of many machines, innovations….When we use these products continuously there is a demand and that triggers the production to increase. Due to these facts, the product quality decreases over the course of time causing major harm to our environment.  

Most of our resources are being depleted due to technology. The raw materials required to produce new products such as timber, petrol, coal are used in large quantity due to the usage of technology. When we go in for extensive mining of minerals and natural resources such as diamond, gold is being depleted at a very fast rate.  

If we the global citizens try to balance and use technology in an appropriate and best way we can reap the benefits of technology without affecting our environment. Technology needs to be used in the proper and controlled way. All of us will agree to the point that technology is very significant in the development and also to satisfy our needs but we need to be responsible enough that it doesn’t adversely affect our environment.  

I am also trying to innovate by keeping in mind the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 14 and 2. It would be greatly beneficial to our environment, if we take measures and use technology in the proper way to help the environment and love the planet. 

I innovated a robot, M-Bot Cleaner (Marine Robot Cleaner) to provide vital protection (in a sustainable manner) to the marine habitats as it removes the waste from the surface of the water bodies. The purpose of my project is to preserve our marine environment. I am working towards SDG14 which aims to conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development. I also innovated a robot Agribot which supports SDG 2- Zero Hunger. It is a robot used to assist farmers in hot countries to plough the soil, sow the seeds and cover the seeds with soil. 

I raise awareness in my school and community by giving pep talks and presentations. I go in for beach clean-up, desert clean-up campaigns organized by Environment Agency (EAD) and Day4Dubai to keep our environment clean and to emphasize the importance of reducing wastes and follow 3Rs. 

I am a YOUNG TIMES Panelist and write articles for Young Times Magazine for preserving and protecting the ENVIRONMENT. 

I had started my own campaign, PEPC Campaign (Papers, E-wastes, Plastics and Cans) to inform the importance of recycling and to put an end to single-use plastics. As an environmentalist and green activist, I strongly believe that we can change our existing practices into green and sustainable solutions using technology. I am collecting papers, electronic wastes, plastics and cans for recycling. As Drop It Youth Ambassador I am raising awareness about single-use plastic pollution and encouraging individuals and organizations to reduce their carbon footprints through simple everyday choices. 

We as global citizens should follow the 6Rs - reduce, reuse, recycle, repair, rethink and refuse. If we continue to use the same amount of natural resources as of today, then our future generations will be facing short of them. Let's reduce our carbon footprints and create a sustainable future for our next generation. 

Global Citizenship is one amongst the 4 core values of my school. As a global citizen, it is our prime responsibility to contribute towards our local and global community and help in building a sustainable planet. Educating young minds will surely make an impact towards preserving the earth’s resources for the future. Youth today just need to take one step at a time to save and heal our planet. Raising environmental awareness is very important and crucial not only for the present generation but for our future. 

 Let us H.E.L.P. (Heal the Environment, Love the Planet) 

Together we can create a wave of change
United Arab Emirates