The outside of a business with a temporarily closed sign.

The days are getting colder and the leaves are falling down

Everywhere you look these days, all you see is a frown.


You cannot help your heartache or the tears that threaten to fall

You try to think back to the happier days, but even those you can barely recall.


It feels like it's been forever since we've set a single foot outside

It's tempting to just open the door... but there are rules we have to abide.


I know that everybody is tired and we long for a world we once knew

We want to take this picture frame and turn it so it's no longer askew.


But you know that everything we're doing is not only for me and for you

But for the people that need our protecting until this is something that we can subdue.


We cannot do this alone and we need to all band together 

So stay inside and don't go out, so that our world can change for the better.     

South Africa