From Introvert to Extrovert

Every day , you have an opportunity to change

Ever thought how some people become a magnet and center of every occasion? Ever thought how some people gel together with strangers so quickly and establish connections so fast? While some people are like liquids shaping according to every pot, for a great chunk not as social and bit introvert, it’s pretty onerous to keep up with the pace of the society is driven world. The modern socialized world is proven to be counterproductive for the people who happen to be introvert, causing a natural phenomenon as their hindrance, to establishing more connections, to be confident and the go-to person. If you happened to be shy and baffle in speaking to anyone and strangers, in particular, this dose is for you!

This is something that can be overcome. Many modern researchers and debaters tend to recommend ways we can adopt overcoming staggering stages in speaking. The best way is to start a conversation with a stranger who is next to you, yes a straight out stranger!  We have been raised with grandma’s sayings ``Don’t talk to strangers`` well I respectfully dare to disagree. Don’t forget the best friend, pal or even enemy you have was once a stranger! It would give enormous confidence and amazing new story and who knows, a lovely future connection.

But how? Here are some tips that help to trigger your new conversation!

1-Open the first gate:

This is the door that makes you enter in the world of someone, but many find it so hard to open. Expecting the reactions and outcomes, many fear to start. What could be the worst one, they won’t talk,? Well, they aren’t before anyway. So let it flow, a simple hello, hi and hey would do the job!

2-Get over the introductory;

Don’t sound monotonous, in how are you? I am fine and you a robotic cross exchange. Just jump into something personal. May be where do you come from, how long you have been living in this city or what does your name mean. You would be surprised to see how much people are willing to share, you just ask them! I happened to ask this from a few cab drivers overseas and ended up being invited to the family dinners!

3- Similitudes

Try to find similarities; nothing builds a conversation better than that. Imagine someone saying I come from Dubai you reply oh I hate Dubai. It’s all gone immediately, nothing more toxic than that. Try finding somethings relatable food, music sport something. It’s blistering the conversations.

4- Generosity, what?

Some people find it so hard to compliment others. Be generous. Pay a unique compliment. And if you are on the receiving end, don’t just reply to reply, Meaning thereby, if someone says oh your shirt is Kool just don’t say hmm yours too. Don’t be generic in compliments too. People tend to develop an immunity threshold for some compliments. Imagine a Hollywood star you came across and say oh you look beautiful. They would probably hear it a zillion times. Pay a compliment that someone remembers, and it will come with sincerity.

5- Show Presence;

Listening to others while glaring the shiny mobile phone screens, claiming to be multi-tasking in discussions is a poison to conversion. Let people feel being prioritized and listened. Remember their names, stories, and events they share.   

6-Be Funny

Lurk to make fun at every given opportunity. People love to spend time with ones having a better sense of Humor. It might be hard in the start or premier discussion but even if you cannot act Kevin hart, don’t be George Clooney either. Give them smile, a funny answer or joke perhaps, it will do miles distance in seconds.

So go for it, overcome the fear of the unknown and become social. A conversation can be your favorite book, you can flick to any chapter of your choice, and trust me, every person is an amazing book, that you would love to read. You will find such an unexplored world within every person! So just start to say Hi and endure a new world. 😏