When I think of this word, I immediately think of the Disney/Pixar Movie; the Incredibles. A great film that highlighted the importance of heroism, courage, and family.

But what makes a hero in our society? The most prevalent heroes are the ones in blue or the individuals who help against the fight with COVID-19. It takes courage and sacrifice to put their lives on the line for those who can no longer fight for theirs. The current populations that are hit the most seem to fall under older aged people. Unfortunately, these patients are the most vulnerable.

But what does that say about the younger generation? There’s a misunderstanding that the virus cannot “touch” those with younger genes. And if these younger people are infected, it is rumoured that they will recover from it easily. There is a need for research into this as it could give some individuals the idea of invincibility. More younger people are breaking out into house parties, bars, and restaurants disregarding the situation that the world is in. I guess with this sense of protection, it seems that anybody can do anything. Despite the warnings sent, and research much of the spread of COVID-19 continues to increase.

I guess in a way, to be invincible is to have the courage to pursue a goal regardless of what may happen. This feeling of safety thus brings back the idea of invincibility. The Incredibles is the first movie that understood that working together is the best bet to fight against the villain and in the end, they triumphed. So, why can’t young people do the same? We are smart, creative, and innovative individuals that will change the future for the better. So, why not start now? Use your sense of invincibility to put it towards a collective goal. Create a better understanding for people just like you, and help them understand the role you have in all of this. A hero may have the power to do great things but with it, there is a responsibility to uphold justice.

So, fellow heroes, I send you off with one last final word. Help others, be bold, and take initiative.