Islamophobia and terrorism

No to Islamophobia

It is really unfortunate how people judge fellow human beings on the basis of religion, culture and identity.

I believe that Islamophobia is mainly a result of terrorist activities done by terrorist groups like ISIS and Taliban, who do hold a pan-Islamic ideology, but no one should not forget that Syrian and Afghani soldiers fighting against these terrorist groups are also Muslim.

An example of Islamophobia is when a person drove a van through a Muslim crowd coming out of Finsbury Park mosque after prayer and yelled '' I will kill all Muslims". This attack took place on the 18th of July, 2017, taking the life of a Moroccan. A witness stated that he asked him why he wanted to kill all Muslims and he smiled and laughed. I believe that laugh clearly showed that his actions were deliberate and with his own spirit.

A 14-year-old pupil at Manchester Islamic high school for girls was also targeted days after the attack when a passerby shouted, “When are you going to stop bombing people?” Why is that girl criticised when she is innocent? These actions create fear and division in people which results in hate. The more fear rises, the more hate grows and turns into violence!

Another terrible act, which was result of Islamophobia and white supremacy, took place at Christchurch mosque in New Zealand on 15 March 2019. A single shooter with multiple weapons opened fire on people who were peacefully praying at the mosque and live-streamed it over Facebook, killing 50 innocent lives.

On January 2018, a Muslim girl who was in 6th grade also suffered from Islamophobia as an attacker cut her hijab with scissors. HuffPost started an activity in which they collect emails from people who are suffering from Islamophobia. One military veteran told them that he found ‘terrorist’ written in his locker.

Now isn't it wrong that a mother has to tell her daughter not to wear hijab because she can be targeted? Isn't it wrong when a father tells his son not to react if people say something awful to him? Isn't it wrong today we are discriminated because of the color of our skin or religion and we are in a world where hate can be converted into violence? People must remember that we all are human first, more than anything else.