It starts with me

the hands of the imorral covering our eyes and mouths to the current occurance

As we are struggling with this great pandemic that rips us from our women and children, we live in fear and ask ourselves the question:"Am I next?".

Our women, children, and even our men are being kidnapped and all we can do about it is beg, plead and cry that somehow the people that are authorized to protect us come through and make us feel safe.

We live in fear. Life is supposed to be lived and yet we sit in our houses and wonder who will be the next victim to these immoral happenings that are occurring around us. We have to be heard and we have to make ourselves known. We have to let them know that the hope for our freedom and our safety is way bigger than our fear for these wicked acts. We are more than the money we are sold for and our lives are way more precious than what we are made out to believe.

I am one voice, but one voice is all that is needed to start a movement. 

South Africa