It's in the little things.

People lighting up candles together.

Love can be frightening, love can be overwhelming , love can be hard.


Ever thought about how much effort does love require? How long would it take to heal from different experiences to open the doors for another? Sure you did.


But , among all of the stigmas and stereotypes of love we might come across, one love remains away from the spotlight, waiting patiently to be spotted.


The feeling of love when you wake up early in the morning to witness birds singing along with the clouds racing towards the horizon,the small cold breeze that feels your face softly in summer nights.


Those feelings that ask for nothing return,all you have to do is to enjoy and embrace them.


Although, unfortunately, most of us take these moments for granted as they consider them "ordinary" or that they can happen everyday, it's true, those moments can happen very regularly, but it's up to you to actually feel the peace they offer within them.


That sense of settlement , even for seconds, can be unimaginably fascinating, to drink your coffee slowly because you woke up early, to return home grateful for what you've got.


Now imagine if we actually consider these moments to be a serious type of love that we can embrace and keep, wouldn't it be possible for us to maintain a better mental health and do a favor for our sanity away from the chaos the world has to offer us to make us feel less of ourselves?


Consider the love that hides in the little things ,this love piling up can be healing as well as refreshing for your mind to focus on the little things that make life even slightly better.


Slowly, start to look around, realize the magic that hides within the slightest ray of sunshine, you'll get the full image that one day ,that ray of sunshine, will be the reason for a rainbow on a rainy day, waiting for you to notice and admire.

Syrian Arab Republic