It's Not Over

The words "It's Not Over" on a yellow and orange background

In the midst of this pandemic, there have been a few terms passed around the media. The terms "Rebuild" and "Reimagine" are the ideals of what we want to do while shaping the future we want to live once we get through these unprecedented times.

In a world so afraid of change, we are being told that it will happen one way or another. The idea that we will not go back to the way things use to be, but to a new normal being sculpted along this journey has divided people based on their feelings and fears.

We are taking notes in fields like education, government, and the sciences and learning in these times how to better in them and taking those lessons and applying them to improve a flawed system. We are finally coming together and learning as a world how to improve what we have to better prepare ourselves for what we hope to be a greater future.

We are learning the importance of helping each other in times of pain and suffering. This is not the end... but a new beginning.