Its okay not to be okay...

Tips to help mental health

‘I want to just take a quick second to ask you,

Are you really ok?

It’s easy to just brush off the question

And continue to go about your day.

But I see the tiredness in your eyes.

I guess it’s not something you need to say.

I wish you would know that I am always here,

Before it becomes too late.’ Me…Instagram – (@Words.Of.S)


As humans, I guess we have the tendency to keep things to ourselves. However, with these exact thoughts, we unknowingly summon the feelings of loneliness and may eventually see ourselves as a burden to ourselves.


Why do we continue to inflict this pain upon ourselves when we are fully aware we are so much more than just a rash opinion made by our minds in a state of turmoil and overwhelming emotions. Don’t degrade yourself to a quick judgement. A flower does not instantly blossom. Time; care, sun, rain, space. These are just some of the things that nature requires to uphold its beauty. So why do you give yourself nothing?

Our minds are the most powerful thing we can be in possession of. It’s always down to how we perceive ourselves. Sometimes, the pain causes our view to become a little hazy and we can’t clearly see the strength and bravery we are made of. Sometimes we need to share and enlighten the burden and clear our vision to unfold the careful path in front of us. The path may seem long or tiring, but all those days of fighting battles with yourself blanketed your capability of overcoming hurdles.

It’s okay to ask for help. It’s okay to talk to someone about it. It’s okay to write everything down. It’s okay to lose yourself for a few moments. It’s okay to want to tackle the world by yourself. But it’s never okay to watch yourself fall through an abyss and continue watching.

You are way stronger than you can see. Like I said, maybe your vision is a little hazy now. Trust the process, trust yourself and help yourself by asking for help when everything is all becoming too much. You will be okay and you can always talk to me when the darkness of your thoughts seems to linger around too long.

I will always be there for you.

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