Journey to Love Myself

This image contains my picture as well as BTS picture saying me as Army and them as my Magic Shop.

BTS for others might be a kpop band from Korea but for me, they're more like seven genies who changed me, and transformed me into a pretty girl with big dreams and a big heart. With them, I feel like it's okay to feel like disappearing from this world for once and it's okay to cry out loud. But they also taught me how to get back on my feet and start chasing my dream again.

It's really hard to explain what changes I've experienced because of BTS and their campaign "Love Myself" in a few sentences. Whenever I used to get anxiety attacks before my exams and used to think of not performing well then I used to listen to "Not today" and "Mic drop". Whenever I couldn't get peaceful sleep at night then - and even today - I listen to "0'o clock". Their every song contains a whole deep meaning to it.

My only dream in life is to meet them one day and then tell them to always stay happy and healthy because they're the source of my happiness and I wanna tell them how much value they contain in my life. I've started to learn the Korean language and started to push my boundaries. It's really great to see myself growing and it's all because of them.

Lastly, I wanna just say thank you to them and a big hug from my side for always staying by my side when nobody was there for me. And yes now I can say out loud "I LOVE MYSELF"

I purple you BTS (all the seven of you💜)