A journey that seems impossible

me in front of a wall looking at the camera with sunglasses and a red pullover sweater

The human experience never fails to amaze me. How we are put here for a challenge that we are in no way prepared for, and in that, we not only face the challenges of the world, but the challenge that is ourselves.

The human experience in and of itself is so complex. There is so much depth to us, and although that leaves so much room for opportunity, we’re often left feeling like we don’t know where we fit in. The divinity that exists in our being here on this planet shows me that this is an experience we shouldn’t take for granted. That we are the product of billions of possibilities. That somehow out every possibility in the universe, we exist right here, right now. And for some reason, that brings me more peace than anything. Knowing that our very existence is so spectacular, and that yours is no exception. 

Self love and self acceptance are extremely complicated journeys that are very unique to the individual. We are victims to a billion dollar industry that profits off our insecurities, and having so much access to so much content only makes it seem like the end goal is unattainable. But the optimist in me won’t allow me to believe that. We're all just trying our best with what we have, some days are harder than others, but we are capable. And even on the days that aren’t your best, know that you should still love yourself the way you do on days that are. 

It’s all easier said than done, and we all have so much learning and growing to do to become the versions of ourselves we so vividly dream of, but I urge you to celebrate the progress you make on your journey of loving and accepting yourself. Make yourself a priority, and show yourself the love you so easily give to others. You are always deserving of it, even when it doesn’t feel like it. 

South Africa