Keeping our mood up during the coronavirus lockdown period

Illustration about keeping your mood up during quarantine

My name is Kaninica Sengupta and I'm a 7th Grade Learner in Chennai, India. The first two days were really fun. I could sleep in late, wake up late and did not have to worry about going to school. But everything changed in the third day. I was sick of the usual routine.

I missed school and I missed my teachers. I was scared of how I was supposed to learn even though our last exams were over. My school teachers started giving us home work, worksheets and audios/videos via our e- mails. That kept me engaged.

I am a person who needs to do something different or I get bored really quickly. My mum suggested me to keep a schedule; so, I did. Most of the times, I forgot what was I supposed to do according to my schedule! And in many cases, my  schedule included more screen time than hands-on works! That made it harder for me to go to sleep; I would stay up till 1:00 a.m. in the morning and then sleep.

As I did not have any physical exercise scope during this lockdown period, I would just slouch in front of my screen and sit there the whole time. So my mum pushed me off this bad habit and she made me a list of things which I should not do. She then told me the consequences of not being active and slouching in front of the screen for long time. It could hurt my eyes and my back. That made me responsible and kicked up my energy.

I re-made a schedule, which I stick to nowadays. I do my home works which schools are giving via mails and stayed connected with my school mates via mail. I mostly workout through dance, stretching and I started practicing meditation. I love to draw comics and I am enjoying doing that right now. Apart from these, I started to upcycle a lot of my old cloths and making things from scrap. During my free times, I watch a movie with my parents, finish all my home works and sometimes I bake. I am still trying to go to bed early!

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