Languages are Superpowers

Girl reading an Oxford English Dictionary

"Languages are Superpowers"

Back when I was 4 years old, I was strongly convinced that everyone around the world spoke Spanish, thinking it was the “normal language” and the only one to exist. Whenever I went out with my mom to the supermarket, and happened to hear somebody speak another language, I'd tell my mom why they didn't speak “normal” like us while at the same time being completely amazed by the new sounds that were coming out of the strangers’ mouths. 

It was up until 3rd year of Kindergarten that I realised I was completely wrong and that there was, in fact, so much of the world that I still didn’t know about, and that throughout the years, I’ll get to discover it little by little. During my Elementary school years, I became fascinated with English, and the growing ability I had to speak it and understand it. It was back then that I realized I had a huge love for languages that, ever since little, captivated my attention, and that, in terms of cultural and linguistic backgrounds, they would remain a mystery to me if I didn’t get to study them, which later on became my motivation. 

By the time I turned 13, I was presented with one of the biggest opportunities in my life so far; representing my school at the British English Olympics. Even though winning the trophy was a common goal between all participants, it became clear to me that the biggest prize to win there was, in fact, both the friendships you now created as well coming back as a better version of yourself. A person who could now view life in a more global and open-minded way. A person who could now appreciate all different cultures and languages that made everyone so unique while, for the first time, feeling proud and embracing their own; a person now turned into a xenophile and a linguaphile.

It’s been almost 3 years now, and I still encounter myself recalling this experience as often as possible not only because it showed me the huge importance both friendships and education play in our lives and how they can shape our future, but because it also showed me that if I genuinely want to connect with friendships I made and understand their cultures in a deeper way, learning their languages is the key to it. 

Being a person who is learning or already speaks another language not only gives you a useful tool in life, but it also transforms you into a limitless person with a broader and unique view of the world. They say that every book you read is another life you get to live. Well, languages are exactly the same! Every language you get to learn or speak takes you into a whole new world along with a new version of yourself that you never knew of. 

You grow as a person that appreciates, values and cherishes every culture in a more meaningful and delicate way. You become more observant and able to communicate with so many people around the world who have incredible stories ready to be shared with you. You get to grow this sense of wanderlust and passion to learn new things each passing day, which is why I like to think that each new language I get to learn or speak is a new superpower I get to hold.


As Ludwig Wittgenstein once said “The limits of my language are the limits of my world”

Don’t let this be your limit to live an incredible life and start building one by learning a language you have always been curious or passionate about!