Learning at home in Bangladesh amid COVID-19 crisis

attending online class
attending online class

I am a boy of SOS Youth House Khulna and live in a boarding house at Dhaka. I am studying B.Sc. Engineering in Textile in Daffodil International University. Just after the completion of my 2nd year mid-final exam, the coronavirus (COVID-19) started breaking out in different parts of the world and my university got closed.

Our boarding house was made vacant. Then I returned to SOS Youth House Khulna to stay for some days to keep myself safe from Coronavirus. We have been home quarantined for 16 days.  

At the beginning, I was stressed thinking about my study. Our teachers declared that our classes will be conducted online. For the first few days, I faced problems to cope with the online classes. But with time, I have been able to run with the online classes. Most of the time, I stay in my room and follow the lessons online and take part in the discussion with my teachers and classmates. Now it is okay.

At my leisure, I take light physical exercise and play cricket in short pitch with other boys in the playground. I hope that this COVID-19 will be vanished soon and we all will go back to our normal lives. Please, pray for us.