The lessons we learn outside classroom

Lighting candles in darkness

School, classrooms, textbooks - all are produced for education. But the fact is, they cannot provide us the real education. Rather, what we really learn is from outside of textbooks. We learn from our inside, our life, our family,the outside world, even  storybooks and movies. I can give you some first hand example about it.

Do you know how I learned communicative English? My textbooks and teachers weren’t able to teach me communicative English. I did well in the examination, but I didn’t have the courage to read and write English. My fear about English language started to decrease by sending and reading English email to and from my friend. That's how it started. In our textbooks, it is told that we should try to learn English outside of textbooks and classrooms. Do we practice it really? I tried it and got amazing result. I started watching English movies with subtitles and then started reading English books. And I have found that now I can communicate with people by English.

I can be a typical good student if I try just a little more. But the thing is - I don’t want to give up on me by doing that. My school scolds me for my small handwriting and shortcut answers. No one understands that I write less but I cram a lot of contents inside. They don't want depth. They want quantity. And you know what? My small handwriting looks the best in my eyes. I can't give up on that.

I have learned to practice morality by my religion, my family and my teachers. When my teachers told about non-textual things, I Iistened to it eagerly and cherished it. But textual things were nothing more than something that's needed to pass the examination. I was taught the true meaning and beauty of life not by reading textbooks, but by my friend and BTS. I learned philosophy from not my classroom, but from my mother and my friend. My mental growth was impacted not by reading textbooks, but by reading up to 300 non-textbooks. I remember about a science fiction I read about three years ago. Some can think that the book was nothing more than a science fiction, but it told about discrimination, unity and love. But thing I was moved by is a concept : Everyone's life has it’s own destination.

Until you find and reach it, you won't die. You will live until you fulfill your destiny. I have engraved that concept inside me. It gave my life a true meaning.

I am a regular reader of a monthly children and teen magazine of my country. In that, there is a section named 'Star of School '. I secretly yearned for being that star of school at least once. But after observing that section closely, I realized that there is no way for me to get into that. Because that section just talks about all-rounder good-at-everything students. Later, after listening to BTS, I realized that there is no need to be that kind of star. I am well just the way I am and I am already a star in my own life. I attend many unknown platforms which people may not know. I can shine even if people don't see that. By writing, I found the deepest dream of me.

Now I am trying to comfort people by sharing my stories. I am trying to be a good writer. I have realized that school system is not effective because it is a forceful and harsh system. It tries to ruin our creativity. I know about some teachers who force their students to memorize only what they teach, and if they try to write something different, they will get poor marks even if they are right. Not all teachers are like this but there are some.

Sometimes even if the teachers are good, because of the education system they have to teach in a wrong way. Our education system surpasses us and it only teaches us that success is everything. Sometimes it teaches us many wrong things. Sometimes it teaches us things like envying and arrogance. But no. Life has a deeper meaning. Many of us are good at different things,such as writing, singing, painting or simply reading. Society may not appreciate us. But cherish it.

Because co-curricular activities bring the real us to light. It helps us to be creative. It represents the true us. There are many people who takes the co-curricular activities as their future profession. Go after your dreams. Find your true dream. Try to learn things outside the classroom.