Image is a flat lay from above on a hot pink background. There's a pegboard in the top left showing "Equal rights for others does not mean fewer rights for you - it's not pie" in all caps. The pegboard has a wooden frame and black background with white pegs. In the top right is pie with a slice missing and sprinkles on top. In the bottom right is the slice of pie on a marbled plate. In the bottom left is a white mug filled with coffee.

Life is a beautiful thing to experience they say

But from the moment she's born, it's one struggle after another

Sadness and hostility from those who expected her other

Deemed unworthy of love forgetting she can't choose her gender


She grows to learn her duties and responsibilities

From cultured laughter to cooking recipes

It's an unending list of basics she must follow

Or her head would be served on a platter for dinner


She must not stray from the title of little miss perfect

Excessive clothing and hair coverings in the fierce weather

no room for error in her gender bible

It's the condition for survival in a man's world


She's blamed for a crime committed against her

They ask her 'why' when she's being battered

A girl's world is behind the counter

Or better still, the kitchen walls


Despite all, she makes a decision to stand tall

She picks up herself and makes sure she works harder

Pushing against the standards she has been made to follow

She has to be a bright light to liberate her fellow women


God is merciful to give us two genders

He answers the prayers of biased humans

Gives us the grace to grow and assign different roles

Perhaps one gender will leave us no choice but to survive